Seminars, Lectures & Workshops

Dr. Dattilio has conducted hundreds of professional workshops and training seminars on six continents. His works have been translated into 30 languages and are used in more than 80 countries.

Professional seminars and workshops are available on various topics upon request. Training topics include cognitive-behavior therapy with difficult patients, anxiety disorders, couple and family problems, crisis intervention, challenging clinical cases and various forensic matters. One to two day seminars or workshops may be arranged directly with Dr. Dattilio himself. Other sponsored organizations that have hosted workshops in which Dr. Dattilio has participated include the American Psychological Association, Pennsylvania Psychological Association, Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapy, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, The Institute for Behavioral Healthcare, Door County Seminars through the Medical College of Wisconsin, Psychotherapy Networker, The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, J & K Seminars, the Advances program through Lehigh University, Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School and numerous Universities and Medical Schools throughout the world. For a complete list of more than 200 workshops and services provided in the past, please inquire directly.

To purchase and earn CE credits of one of my previously recorded seminars from J&K Seminars visit J&K Seminars website.

Professional Short-Term Consultation

Professional consultation is available on a contractual basis in the areas of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and psychodiagnostic testing. Services are available in person, by telephone or virtually (for long distance and overseas contacts). Arrangements can be made either with Dr. Dattilio himself or through Dr. Dattilio’s office manager, Ms. Tara Andrews. All arrangements must be made in advance.

Workshops, lectures and seminars by Dr. Dattilio are available by request. The specific topic and content may be negotiated directly with the presenter. All fees are required at the time that the presentation is delivered in the form of either a certified check, money order or cashier’s check. The electronic wiring of funds will only be accepted one month prior to the workshop presentation. For those countries outside of the United States, either cash (U.S. currency) or Euros are also acceptable (foreign currency will not be accepted).

Travel and Lodging Expenses

All travel and lodging expenses are the direct responsibility of the hosting individual, agency or organization. Travel arrangements can be made through Dr. Dattilio’s personal travel agent unless the host wishes to make his or her own arrangements. In any event, the host must pay for all travel and lodging expenses including visas in advance unless other arrangements are made personally with Dr. Dattilio. If desired, Dr. Dattilio’s agent can make arrangements and bookings, and forward the bill directly to the host. Please contact our office for the name and address of the travel agent. Also, those countries which require a visa for entry will also be responsible for reimbursing full costs for all visa, entry and exit taxes.

Presentation Needs and Equipment

Dr. Frank Dattilio, Licensed Psychologist Specializing in Cognitive-Behavioral TherapyThe following presentation needs are required for each presentation unless other arrangements are made directly with the presenter:

  • The presentation room should be arranged in classroom style and maintained at about 68 F (20 C) temperature. Attempts should be made to secure a room that is free from excessive noise and is acoustically sound.
  • Color monitor with DVD player and wireless remote control. Please be sure that the quality and sound on the color monitor is adequate.
  • One large projection screen.
  • One stand-up podium or table top podium.
  • Lavaliere microphone for audiences over 40 (forty) in number.
  • 1 liter of bottled still mineral water (noncarbonated).
  • 1 flat table top.

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation as opposed to consecutive translation is preferred for workshops/seminars conducted in countries in which Dr. Dattilio does not possess a command of the spoken language. For Italian, Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, this issue should be discussed with Dr. Dattilio directly.


Non-smoking hotel rooms are required. The host will be responsible for meals the evening before and during each day of the presentation. These expenses should be attached to the hotel bill or paid for directly by the host. Airport transportation to and from the hotel is also the responsibility of the host unless it is provided via a shuttle through the hotel. If it is necessary that a taxi be hired, the host will be responsible for all reasonable costs at the time of the presentation.

Cancellation Policy

A two-week cancellation notice is required for all workshop presentations in the continental United States. One-month cancellation notice is required for all overseas workshops. All cancellations are required in written form and should be faxed to (610) 434-6965 or emailed at